You Should Try Jogging More

by Eagle Daddy

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First ED full length
Recorded Winter 2014-Winter 2016


released March 10, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Marc Critelli at the Fortress of Solid Dudes, New Brunswick, NJ
Mastered by David Skovron at Drowning Fish Studios, Philadelphia PA
Album, bannerm and T-shirt art by Kate McCarthy

Thank you to our amazing friends and family for the unending support.
Special thanks to Kate McCarthy, Sarah Rudderow, Scott Siracusano, Max Freedman, Amrou, Kevin Churak



all rights reserved


Eagle Daddy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eagle Daddy

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Track Name: Pavement
My clock just started ticking,
and that’s not sticking
What killed the cat?
I’m alive, I’m alive
My mom will help me,
call me jelly.

Look at this pavement,
that’s how you know things are nice,
but sometimes I’m worried.
Where’s the risk? I’ll go around.

Wipe that smirk off your fucking face.
Life’s a joke, but you’re being rude.
You should try jogging more,
I always see you dragging your feet.
It will help I swear.
Sometimes, I have intuition.

Look at this clock
It’s a good clock, I know,
but sometimes I’m worried.
The repairman’s on speed dial.
Track Name: Don't Look At Me
There’s dirt in my mouth
I can’t get it out
I promise I’m not dirty
But you don’t believe me
I am so far
From my comfort
I am so far
I need to stay home

Don’t throw up when you see me
I know I’m so ugly

I know I do this to myself
But I think I deserve all this hell
When will I ever leave my house?
No I’m not ever coming out

Don’t throw up when you see me
I know I’m so ugly
Track Name: Bummer
I want to go to a lake
I want to submerge myself in it and scream.
I don’t want anyone to hear,
I don’t want to wake anyone with my
pity party,
my pity party.
I’m just trying to release the tension in my brain.
I guess I’m just going through the natural order of things.
Total bummer,
Total bummer in my brain.

I’m trying not to convince myself that things could be different
because if I do then the bummer will take over.
And I can’t let that happen.

I want my blood to hold happiness like a cradle,
I want to melt like heroine in a spoon.
I want to not think that I have to get these feelings from something else,
That I can depend on myself,
but it’s so hard to believe with the way that these movies are.
It’s so hard to believe with this bummer in my brain.
Track Name: Upset
You’re a speeding car
And you don’t see me
I close my eyes so I don’t feel a thing
You don’t slow down
Tear me apart
You don’t slow down
It breaks my heart

I get
At the smallest things

You’re an angry shark
I piss myself
I feel so small when I ask for help
No one hears me now
Tear me apart
No one hears me yell
It breaks my heart

I get
At the smallest things
Track Name: Proof That Eh
Let ‘x’ be today.
No I’m not feeling it,
I’m not feeling,
I’m not feeling it.

I want to be the display on a tv with no signal.
Crunch ‘x’. crunch ‘x’. crunch ‘x’.
Do I look staticy?
I wouldn’t mind you ripping the electrons off my skin
because today I am a peach rolling down a back road.
It only hurts a little and life’s okay,
so I guess I’m fine.

Pushing myself from things,
towards other things
if and only if,
that sounds good,
I’m fine.
I’m fine.
That sounds good.
Whatever’s not so bad.

So when I’m pulling my hair and looking frustrated,
don’t bother me I’m just standing in a spot of destructive interference.
I’m just trying to rip out the ideas from my head.
So when I’m pulling my hair and looking frustrated,
this is my final straw,
this is it!
Track Name: Occupied
Catch me
On your TV
As I tear everything down
Including me
Feed me
Or I’ll get mad
Don’t touch me
Or I’ll tell your dad

I’m not part of this
I wanna be your mess
Clean me up tonight
Make me feel alright
Make me look like I’m someone who’s worth your time
I’m not worth your time
I wanna be your mess

I’m a cockroach
Under your feet
You could kill me
And never feel a thing
I’m worth it
So step on me
I wanna make your shoes dirty

I’m not part of this
I wanna be your mess
Clean me up tonight
Make me feel alright
Make me look like I’m someone who’s worth your time
I’m not worth your time
I wanna be your mess

Keep me occupied
So I don’t make a mess
Track Name: Irrelevant
This shouldn’t be relevant.
I must doing things wrong,
I must have made a mistake.
If remaining thoughtless,
was in my options.
If ignoring things made them
life would be to simple.
Life would hurt in other ways.
So what’s the point?
I want things to go away,
but I also want to talk about it.

What am I to do as someone who wants everything?
What am I to do as someone who cares too much about image?
What am I to do as someone who has these ill feelings?
What am I to do as someone who has no where to put them?

I feel like I’ve just been saying the same things over and over to myself.
I’m not doing a good job explaining my words to myself,
so I just let the words repeat
and convince myself that they are right.
Stubbornness is frustrating that’s why I feel this way I guess.

I’d rather just not think about it,
but my friends bring it up to me.
I’d rather just not think about it,
but how could I be proud.
I’d rather just not think about it,
but I don’t want to be that way.
I’d rather just not think about it,
but my thoughts stay on repeat.
Track Name: Is It That Much Of A Bummer?
Let me put on your shoes and look at myself.
I’ll try to tippity tap tap tap dance the night away
and look like I don’t care about the way I look like I care.
Staring at me, staring at you, staring at me,
sweet caroline we’re not touching and it’s fine.
I’ve had my fill and swallowed it,
a happy pill that followed it.
Here take your shoes back,
the scene fades to black.

The way things should be dilute being genuine.

Do I care about the wrong things?
Do I care too much?
Does having an ideal keep me away from satisfaction
and being myself?
Am I being dramatic?
Track Name: Repeating
I'm running, I'm gunning
I started humming something you used to sing when
you were around
Please believe me and please don't leave me
because I don't think that I could live without you
No that's a lie, I'm living just fine.
And you've already left,
and the past is behind me,
and I don't even worry
and I don't even care
but I'm still running to get far from here

Why would you make it up for awhile,
when you were worse off than you could've been
I punched my first into a wall
and it bleed
and I cried
and it bled and I cried

Now all of my functions aren't working together
My heart and my brain are being run by my member
I'm running from the past that's far behind
and Im moving towards things that are slightly less frightening
is it less frighting, if these things keep repeating
If these mistakes I keep making don't seem to be teaching
I'm prepared in advance for this weakness I'm seeking
And I've written down rules that I plan on breaking

Know in advance that anything I do wrong does not
deserve forgiveness
Please just punch me in the face until I bleed,
and I cry
and I bleed and i cry and i cry and i cry and i cry

These actions,
These mistakes that I make
are fueled by my adventure
and my need for attention

It's a disaster that's waiting to unfold,
but I need the excitement and I need to dabble
with the unforetold.
Are these motions, or am I motionless?


I'm just trying to find my way home,
but these ideas like loneliness and depression
creep into my soul
And I feel sick and I feel uninvited and I feel
restless, lost, and i try to fight it
But I just can't fight it.
No matter how hard I try
And i wanna go home
And i wanna know what home is
I don't care if its a person a place or a pill
that I can digest
I'll eat as many as I can
But I've questioned too many things to accept the
theories given to me by people who seem to have found
what I'm looking for,
that seem to sleep the whole night through
But what has it gotten me, all this curiosity
All these things that make me feel like there's
no one else in the world,
but I know that there is
And I know I shouldn't feel lonely, or depressed,
but its hard to be stable
when I just can't grasp the things that seem to keep
you happy and motivated, charming, but not exasperated
How do you push on,
How do you keep working,
How can I motivate myself to be happy
when I've seen the happiness life is bringing you
But I can't do things the same as you
I want to feel what you feel,
but there's a line I can't cross
Sacrificing my morals is not worth the cost
So i'll take loneliness because I'm not alone
and I know one day I'll find my way home.